Moving Forward


Ok. This is it.
I am going to take a break from this blog to take in the rest of 2012 and the Winter season.

This month has been epic.
What do I have up my sleeve? I am redesigning this blog which is something I picked up and ran with mid summer and somehow dropped it along the way… So I am picking it back up, though quite honestly its disappointing when I see the color scheme I chose in the summer appear in other blogs without leaking a peek. I might have to tweak it a bit and most likely going to stick to my gut on the design.

In 2013, I hope to introduce a new clean blog, more of my drawings and side projects. I enjoy editing videos so I hope to bring those into the mix as well.

All that said, I wish to be back in mid Winter 2013 and hope to see you guys around.
I will, however, do the occasional drop in on Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter

Until then… Cheers!!!

Photo taken by Jadan Duffin

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24 Hour Visit


A week ago Sunday, I returned from a short and wonderful stay in San Francisco.
… a view from the 5th floor of our room at The Fairmont.


The city was so into the holiday spirit it was awesome. When I walked into the lobby of The Fairmont (and the images above do not do justice to the real thing) I thought I had stepped into a scene of the film Home Alone – the one where Kevin is a guest at the Park Plaza.



We were told the hotel was on the highest hill in the city. Seriously. Driving up that hill was a nail bitter – even more when you start rolling backwards even when the car is on drive… But we got the hang of it. It was a no brainer to us LA folks – to get around the city, you have to take the trolley or grab a cab. I’ve been to the Bay area several times but with my family, so it was nice to be in the city as an adult and hop on the trolley whenever I wanted. (!!!)


On Sunday we took the trolley into Chinatown and had a nice (long) walk to the Union Square area for some light shopping.



Thanks Fairmont, for making my stay lovely. This one is definitely going down in the books.
!!! !!!

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My blog has been a total cricket lately.
In order to get out of an idle/funk, I logged onto my Tumblr, ha! Quite honestly that placed me back on the direction I was pulled away from.
Check it! Hopefully the images inspire you.


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Can’t Sleep


What do we do?
Drive through Mulholland Dr. and to the greasiest late night diner.
Drive through Mulholland Dr., again, and return home safely.
Pull a bottle of whiskey, grab some ice and two double old fashioned glasses and watch classic 1940’s films.

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Who Is Ready ?


I hope you all have been enjoying the days leading up to the most festive holidays.
For a long time I was not very much into the spirit of these holidays.  Just recently, about 5 years now, have grown to appreciate them and I believe the older I get the more I don’t seem to mind the months of November and December to creep up. Although they do get here pretty quickly don’t you think?

The ornaments are out but we are yet to drive out and get a tree and I am crafting a wreath out of paper.
So little time in the week!
For now my place continues to look like it does above, sans the flowers.

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The Norm

It’s been so long since I last stopped by to plug in a post.
If I don’t post its hugely-likely that I passed out on my couch tired. Work followed by the holidays can exhaust me so naturally I stay away from social media. I did, however, make room for more sweaters. Because there is nothing in the morning like pulling over a sweater that will take me through the day in comfort.

Speaking of comfort, these Sam Edelman booties, above, are the best. They never gave me blisters on my feet! Ha!
I like wearing them with ankle skinny pants, cute pattern socks and a pull over knit or blazer.

Thats the daze I get when I loose complete thought and have gone blank. Despite my list taking OCD habits, I think my body automatically tells me to stop. I’ve taken on so many projects, yet I don’t know what I would be doing if I wasn’t busy. Its become the norm. Its all worth it though – there is something so satisfying about being creative and having a final product on hand… Or even bounce ideas with people who have the same interests…


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Above, is a mirror image of how I’ve been feeling this week.
I thought my car was going to get some serious ($$$$) repairs but it turns out its a replaceable hose that will make things all better. Goes to show how little I know about cars. I hear one thing out of the norm and its like ‘Oh shit. Whats that sound?’ My biggest fear is getting stranded on the center lanes of a freeway jammed with traffic. Nooooooo! 

Then there was this sudden jolt of inspiration at around 3:45pm on Tuesday and all I had was a napkin and pen – i made a list of ideas and questions for a coder. I am working on a design; for which last night with sleepy eyes I (might have) decided on some new colors for this blog. In the summer I had pulled some nice colors I thought (thought) I liked. But came to realize that those colors aren’t quite me. So, its quite exciting to finally get close to finding the elements that best fits for my new design. Color is my coffee!

Lately, web and blog design gets me all fired up!!!



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