Above, is a mirror image of how I’ve been feeling this week.
I thought my car was going to get some serious ($$$$) repairs but it turns out its a replaceable hose that will make things all better. Goes to show how little I know about cars. I hear one thing out of the norm and its like ‘Oh shit. Whats that sound?’ My biggest fear is getting stranded on the center lanes of a freeway jammed with traffic. Nooooooo! 

Then there was this sudden jolt of inspiration at around 3:45pm on Tuesday and all I had was a napkin and pen – i made a list of ideas and questions for a coder. I am working on a design; for which last night with sleepy eyes I (might have) decided on some new colors for this blog. In the summer I had pulled some nice colors I thought (thought) I liked. But came to realize that those colors aren’t quite me. So, its quite exciting to finally get close to finding the elements that best fits for my new design. Color is my coffee!

Lately, web and blog design gets me all fired up!!!



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