The Norm

It’s been so long since I last stopped by to plug in a post.
If I don’t post its hugely-likely that I passed out on my couch tired. Work followed by the holidays can exhaust me so naturally I stay away from social media. I did, however, make room for more sweaters. Because there is nothing in the morning like pulling over a sweater that will take me through the day in comfort.

Speaking of comfort, these Sam Edelman booties, above, are the best. They never gave me blisters on my feet! Ha!
I like wearing them with ankle skinny pants, cute pattern socks and a pull over knit or blazer.

Thats the daze I get when I loose complete thought and have gone blank. Despite my list taking OCD habits, I think my body automatically tells me to stop. I’ve taken on so many projects, yet I don’t know what I would be doing if I wasn’t busy. Its become the norm. Its all worth it though – there is something so satisfying about being creative and having a final product on hand… Or even bounce ideas with people who have the same interests…


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  1. love the shoes on the right :D !

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